Infusions to Help Lose Weight

Maintaining the ideal weight is a challenge for many as well as controlling the intake of food and incorporating physical activity. With the advancement of medicine and technology, methods have been devised such as strict diets that restrict the consumption of some foods with high caloric content, body treatments with radio-frequency, laser, massages, injections, the consumption of medications to lose weight, among others. This is counterproductive since anxious and depressive states are generated in people who, at the end of the treatments, begin to consume the prohibited foods during the diet, which results in the rebound action.

It is important to emphasize that maintaining a healthy weight is part of each person’s lifestyle. Developing good eating habits is the first step to maintain a balanced diet that provides the body with the necessary nutrients by adding physical activities such as outdoor exercises, yoga, tai chi, pilates, sports or a simple daily walk favoring the weight loss, toning of muscles, increased self-esteem and good mood.

Naturally, herbal infusions are supplements in the daily diet that contribute to weight loss. Thanks to its different properties, it provides innumerable benefits in the body. In nature, there are many solutions for the benefit of health. It is only necessary to go a little deeper into the studies of the properties of plants.

Here are some of them:

Cinnamon Infusion:

It decreases blood sugar levels and bad cholesterol. It also accelerates the metabolism which allows you to burn calories.

  • Mode of Preparation: Boil a cup of water and add a cinnamon stick or bark for three minutes. Turn off and let it sit covered for ten minutes, serve it, and drink hot. It is recommended to have a cup in the morning and once in the night for a lapse of ten days, then rest.

Infusion of Nettle:

Nettle is a plant with depurative and diuretic power that helps fight obesity by eliminating unwanted waste in the body through urine, cleans the blood by controlling the levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides. It also helps fight kidney stones.

  • Method of Preparation: Boil two tablespoons of dried nettle leaves (30 grams) in a liter of water for ten minutes. Turn off and let it stand covered, then filter it in a glass container. You can refrigerate it or keep it at room temperature according to your preference. Drink three cups daily half an hour before each meal.

Infusion of Ginger and Lemon:

Excellent combination to lose weight. Ginger for its part has a thermogenic effect that favors the activation of metabolism, making it a powerful fat and calorie burner. Lemon with a high content of Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that facilitates the elimination of toxins from the body, combats fluid retention, helping to eliminate abdominal swelling.

  • Mode of Preparation: In a cup of water, two slices of ginger are boiled for one minute. Turn off and the juice of a lemon is poured. Let it stand for five minutes. Take it at night before going to bed.

“Serve, love, give, meditate, purify and perform”.

-Swami Sivananda

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