Countries with the Highest Yoga Preference


Yoga is one of the most popular practices that people adopt to gain peace and inner happiness. The reason that yoga has gained so much appreciation and garnered so much demand is that it helps release tensions and makes the mind stress free. There are many institutions that teach yoga and award certifications to people who are interested. Some of the mountainous areas have dedicated spots and resorts for people who are willing to enjoy and connect with their inner selves. The locations are usually scenic, and the aura and ambiance of the area are serene. There are many countries who have established institutes and yogic centers, some of them are:


This is the place where yoga took birth, in India. This is the country of its origin. There are many small-scale yoga places in India and some of the international repute. It is practiced in temples and shrines and hence you can find yoga everywhere in India. The place has a rich culture and traveling to the place and staying there is quite easy on the wallet. Some of the famous places are:

  1. Soul and surf it is situated in Kerala
  2. Oceanic Yoga situated in Goa
  3. Mystic school located in Mysore


This country is another place where yoga is found abundantly. It is a loveable place for people who like mountains and rugged terrain. This is a generally peaceful country with very little chaos and traffic. The place is quite reasonable as it is far more affordable than in many other regions. The only issue is that transportation in the area is not very reliable because of the rugged terrain, to avoid this you can try yoga retreat. Some of the best places that can be enjoyed in Nepal are:

  1. Hotel Trekker Inn in Pokhara
  2. Hotel Friend’s Home in Kathmandu



Thailand is a beautiful place, with wonderful beaches and fantastic resorts. The general image of Thailand is that it is a party place, but it is also a perfect place for yoga. There are all types of yoga, and you can enjoy from very pricey yoga to nearly free yoga there. The only issue is that the place is not as inexpensive as it once was. The constant flow of tourists has made it more commercial than before. The yoga studios that can be visited are:

  1. Wild Rose Yoga in Chaing Mai.

  2. Open Mind Center in Pai.

  3. xHale Yoga is also situated in Pai.

  4. Shambhala Yoga Center located in Koh Tao.

  5. Ocean sound yoga also located in Koh Tao.




This might be a not very often visited area, but this place is also an enjoyable place for yoga. This site allows the visitor to have fun with tourism as the major attraction and a lot of yoga. There are many teachers, and yoga instructors who are famous all over the world have retreated in Costa Rica, and they give classes there. Some of the places that can be enjoyed are:

  1. Om Yoga in Puerto Viejo.

  2. Blue Osa in Osa Peninsula.

  3. Casa Zen in Santa Teresa.

All the places on this list are great for mixing yoga with travel. Gather your yoga leggings plus travel essentials and enjoy your yoga trip.

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